Healthy Boys



That was a really nice muscle set.
My favorites are #1-4-8-9 such nice muscles.

Numbers 5-6 are hot just for their nice nut sacks//

Anonymous said...

xerxes ALWAYS makes me want to fuck...if anymore of this guy...PLEASE post...especially that unreal ass of his..there has NEVER been a hotter ass than xerxes'..he is the ultimate in testosterone

Anonymous said...

No.4 isn't just a "Healthy Boy"! He's too damn sexy-----and too damn healthy! Love to tie him immobile in that chair and fondle his huge pecs and suck that thick cock of his! SLLLURRP

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Mikey said...

Pic #1 is gorgeous, so sexy and great body with agreat bulge, i want him

Joao Baptista said...

They sell health