Answers to your questions -

There seem to be a lot of questions and requests recently and I'm here to answer them all for you -
1. Yes
2. British, with alot of Irish and Icelandic thrown in so I don't look like Princess Ann or...her horses.
3. No
4. No!!
5. Husband - a big one.
6. I never "re-size" photos, I load them as I find them - Sorry, blame the source.
7. I might in time.
8. Not on your life, piecing hurts and leaves scars!
9. A brawny stud means man-sized hot man. Hair, no hair, age, color, race - none of that matters to me.
10. Yes, please. Do you have pics of him?
11. Maybe, but you'll have to use a condom.
12. My post dates make no sense, because I load photos on blogger and save them until I release them to you guys. I don't like to load up my hard drive, that's why I have a blog...well, and to share with you the variety of men I like. But I think if you are worried about the date of my posts you are missing the point - the skin.
13. Ideal man? 6'5" and 250lbs any color, but dark haired.
14. Coupling on the BBC and Malcolm in the middle.
15. No, no, no! Fists are not for there.
16. Yes.
17. Yes.
18. Yes, but I'll have to fuck you back. That's the rule.
19. Not alot, Kilts can get chilly.
20. I might, but don't hold your breath.
21. I wish, but how many gay Indian porn stars are there?
22. No
23. Get your own blog
24. I'll think about it...yeah, no. See answer #15
25. Jon-Erik Hexum - made me cry.


Anonymous said...

I'm watching a Malcolm in the Middle repeat, right now!
Cloris Leachman is GREAT

Anonymous said...

Great answers, I just wish I knew how they're getting the questions to you. I've been trying to figure out how to e-mail you goods for a year now...

Anonymous said...

I just came across that classic photo of Jon-Erik Hexum with his arms extended above his head...sigh!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

#25 made me cry too, but I jerked one off anyway. priorities, you know

Anonymous said...

Answers 3,4 and 22 are totally wrong and I want a recount.

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether to laugh or cum, though I suppose doing both is an option.

Anonymous said...

What was the question?

Loved the answers.

Can we make-up questions to match the answers?

Question #7:Will you ever post your own picture on this blog site?

ohmemercylard said...

I for one could not agree more.

Anonymous said...

Cool post. I haven't thought of him in years. So beautiful, and then I was stunned about the accident.
Thanks for providing a memory

Anonymous said...

I still think about him -- he was gorgeous and a good actor and I idolized him.

Leatherpigboy said...

fuckin funny!!!

Anonymous said...

your sense of humor is divine--too funny

KenPaul66 said...

You're so right about #15. Ouch !


Achilles said...

I'm going to pretend the question for #1 was "Are you ticklish?" :)

Holteqvm said...
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