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Anonymous said...

Jeramy Whatshisname (How quickly we forget!) has gotten out of shape. He still has some appeal. For you, too?
Anyway, he needs to get his ass over here - under me! I'll get him back in shape. And give him a reason to live. To live happily ever after in the arms of His Prince Charming - ME!
He will, however, not be alone - my one & only! He'll be a part of a harem - my humming beehive, I call my Hymmum. (No queen bee needed - it's an all male drone hive, dripping in honey! None of my bees die after sex, either. They do go to Heaven, tho, DURING sex! HaHa!)
I have too much love & sexual overflow to just be satisfied by one cute bb or male porno chappie. But I DO satisfy any - & EVERY, hot guy who is lucky enough to catch my eye...
Once they're stung by me - they're mine for life!